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Mother, 37, who was sick of changing her toddler daughter's clothes after every meal launches her own business selling waterproof feeding suits - grubeze.

by Cindy Tran (Daily Mail)

A mother who was sick of changing her toddler every time food spilled on her clothes has revealed how the tedious routine has led to a start-up business.

Like most parents, Renae Carolan, from Melbourne, was spending most of her time cleaning up her then six-month-old daughter Avery after every meal.

The 37-year-old single mother constantly found food stains all over her girl's clothes despite wearing a bib around her neck during eating time.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the savvy businesswoman revealed how an idea to launch her own brand sprung into mind when she was on maternity leave.


'I didn't have time to spoon her but I was beyond frustrated with how completely ineffective bibs are at keeping all her clothes dry and clean,' she said.

'I was so sick of changing her after each feed, soaking and washing clothes and being disappointed when clothes were permanently ruined by stains.


'I wanted a product that would solve my problem and save me time and money,' she said.

'I couldn't be the only parent out there who wanted a product that did its job and delivered on its promise.

'I thought there's got to be something out there to cover everything but when I couldn't find it, that's when I knew I was on to something.

'I thought well, "I'll just make it myself".'


And so she found a solution to end the messy clean-ups when she decided to create her own full-body coverage, waterproof feeding suit for her daughter.

From her living room, the single mother started her brand grubeze after she saw an opening in the market amid a lack of feeding suits that repels food.

'I just wanted to do something that would make my life easier and cut down on all the washing,' Ms Carolan said.

'I also wanted something that would take away the disappointment when something you really love gets a stain.'

The mother then made samples of her product for her friends so they could trial on their children after her creation worked on her daughter, now aged two.

'They didn't want to give the prototypes back to me,' Ms Carolan said as she laughed.


Available in sizes six-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months, grubeze is made from super soft, lightweight, waterproof polyurethane laminate.

The fabric is breathable, releasing heat and water vapour ensuring little 'grubbers' stay cool and comfy while wearing it. 

'Baby led weaning and self-feeding is made much easier with grubeze because it removes that stress associated with the mess,' Ms Carolan said.

'You can confidently encourage independent eating knowing at the end of the meal there's not going to be ruined clothing or need for a change.

'I feel in a way I have solved the problem for myself and other parents.'

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