Swiping Right Changed My Life

One swipe right on dating app, Tinder, set in motion a chain of events that would see Melburnian, Renae Carolan’s life change on an epic scale starting with the birth of her daughter and the 2017 launch of her new, must-have baby product – grubeze.

As the old saying goes, you play with fire and you might get burned. Renae found out how fitting Tinder’s flame logo was when she fell pregnant in 2014 to her Tinder date. While the romance didn’t last, Renae was overjoyed with her ‘Tinder surprise’ and quickly settled into the role of single mama to daughter, Avery.

While on maternity leave, Renae had her ‘lightbulb’ moment with an idea for a new baby product. “Avery was six months old and had started solids. I was so frustrated with how useless bibs and smocks were at actually keeping her clothes dry and clean. She would get stuff in her crotch, under her butt, down her back and all up her arms. I even found stuff in her ear once.”

Jokingly referred to as a baby ‘hazmat’, grubeze is a waterproof, boilersuit style, onesie designed to be worn over clothing to protect from food stains and liquid spills during feeding. “Baby led weaning and self-feeding is made easier with grubeze because it removes that stress associated with the mess. You can confidently encourage independent eating knowing at the end of the meal there’s not going to be ruined clothing or need for a change,” says Renae.

“I was so sick of changing Avery after each feed, soaking and washing clothes and being disappointed when clothes were ruined by stains. I was spending too much time in the laundry and too much money on laundry products. I thought there has to be something better than a bib out there and I began scouring the internet to find it,” said Renae.

Renae was amazed to find her Google searches yielded nothing that offered 100 per cent full clothing coverage while feeding. “I wanted a product that would solve my problems and save me time and money. I couldn’t be the only parent out there who wanted something better than a bib, something that actually offered full protection and delivered on its promise. When I couldn’t find it that’s when I knew I was on to something and I thought well, ‘I’ll just make it myself’.”

Mamas who trialled grubeze reported more often than not their ‘little grubbers’ wore the same outfit all day and any clothing changes weren’t related to feeding. Also, grubeze became a feeding association for non-verbal ‘little grubbers’, handing it to mum to let them know they were hungry. How awesome is that?

Trial mama, Olivia Kaino, says grubeze is magical, it practically repels food. I didn’t even have to wash it after each use because the unique, custom print acts to camouflage food stains and you can just wipe it over. “No matter how hard my son tried to get dirty, grubeze had it all covered. I can’t wait to gift grubeze to all my mama-to-be friends,” she said.

Grubeze is made from super soft, lightweight, waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL). The fabric is breathable, releasing heat and water vapour ensuring little grubbers stay cool and comfy while wearing it. Designed to Australian kids wear standard sizing, grubeze is available in sizes 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months from mid June 2017.


Two years in the making, grubeze was conceptualised and designed by single mama from Melbourne, Australia, Renae Carolan, and further developed with Clara Chan, garment technician and designer with over 20 years’ experience in fashion and kids wear. Easy to use, grubeze comes in a handy carry bag and features a convenient long double zip to allow for mid meal bum changes and adjustable wrist and ankles to suit any little grubber’s proportions. Extremely durable, grubeze is also anti-microbial, fire-retardant and resists abrasion and stands up to repeated washing and tumble drying.