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'How swiping right changed my life': Woman, 37, who says her 'eggs weren't getting any younger' accidentally falls pregnant on a TINDER DATE and becomes a single mum'

By Cindy Tran (Daily Mail)

A woman has revealed how an accidental pregnancy with her casual Tinder date turned her into a devoted mother.

Like any 34-year-old single woman, Renae Carolan, who lives in Melbourne, was facing the reality that her 'eggs were not getting any younger'.

And so she started consulting with her GP about freezing her eggs so she could have the fertility option of having IVF sometime down the track.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she said her life completely changed after a decision to 'swipe right' on the popular dating app gave her what she least expected.

Fast forward three years, Ms Carolan laughs when she speaks candidly about how her now two-year-old daughter Avery started off as a 'Tinder surprise'.


For anyone who has been down a similar path, Ms Carolan advised: 'You can only control what you do with your life, you can't control someone else's.

'And the thing is don't ever think it's a weakness to reach out for help or advice. I'm proud to admit that I've been seeing a child psychologist.

'I've been learning all the tools of how I can raise Avery so she will grow up not feeling disadvantage. It's all about taking the curb ball that life throws at you.

'It's just been an amazing journey to become a mum. I've got an amazing daughter and I love her so much. Avery gets a lot of attention, she's spoiled with love.'

And while juggling motherhood, Ms Carolan recently launched her own baby clothing business called Grubeze - selling waterproof feeding suits.

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