I’m Renae, single mama from Melbourne, Australia, to the delightful and cheeky Miss Avery, the inspiration and impetus behind grubeze.

I had my ‘lightbulb’ moment for grubeze when Avery was six months old. We had started baby led weaning; not for conscious parenting reasons but because as single parent I just didn’t have the time to spoon feed her. Lol.

I couldn’t believe how completely useless bibs and smocks were at keeping her clothes dry and clean. In fact, they were almost pointless. She would get stuff in her crotch, under her butt, down her back and all up her arms. I even found stuff in her ear once! I’m sure you can relate.

I was so sick of changing Avery after each feed, soaking and washing clothes and being disappointed when clothes were ruined by stains. I thought there has to be something better than a bib out there and I began scouring the internet to find it.

To my absolute surprise, I found nothing offering 100 per cent full body coverage while eating. What the feck, seriously? I couldn’t be the only parent out there who wanted a product like this, right? I wanted a product that would solve my problems and save me time and money in the laundry. When I couldn’t find it that’s when I knew I was onto something and thought well, I’ll just make it myself, and so grubeze was born.

I took my idea and trialled numerous prototypes with real mamas and the positive response to grubeze was overwhelming, so much so none of them wanted to return their prototypes. Based on the feedback from trial mamas, I further developed and refined grubeze in conjunction with Clara Chan, a garment technician and designer with over 20 years’ experience in fashion and kids wear both in Australian and overseas.

It was a huge two years in the making and the biggest learning curve I've ever experienced but I’m proud as punch to bring grubeze to market. As a busy, single parent, grubeze is my gift to other time-poor, conscious parents who don’t look forward to the stress and anxiety associated with messy meal times.

I hope you love it and benefit from it as much as I did.


Boss Mama