Take the mess and stress out of feeding little grubbers. Keeping their clothes dry and stain-free.

The ultimate messy kids full body hazmat. Encourage baby led weaning and self-feeding with grubeze coverall, waterproof onesies for eating. 

Better than a bib or smock, grubeze full body coverage offers the ultimate in children's clothing protection - no more ruined clothes or multiple changes. Save valuable time and money on washing, soaking and laundry products.

Easy to use, grubeze comes in a handy carry bag and features a convenient long double zip to allow for mid meal bum changes and adjustable wrist and ankles to suit any little grubber’s proportions.

Extremely durable, grubeze is machine washable and can also be thrown in the tumble dyer. Made from super soft, lightweight, breathable fabric it releases heat and water vapour ensuring little grubbers stay cool and comfy while wearing it. What’s not to love?

Grubeze has it all covered!