Testimonials from real mamas who have used grubeze...

"You have to use it to believe it. I absolutely LOVE my grubeze. I would totally recommend it to anyone starting out their baby led weaning adventures. I'm amazed at how effective it is - not even liquid seeps through. I have complete confidence in it." 
Geen and Harveen aged 12 months

"If you want clean clothes after every meal get a grubeze. I LOVE walking out the door without having to do another clothing change. Throw it in your nappy bag for when you're on the go. Every mama needs one." 
Carly and Mae aged 10 months

"I'm absolutely blown away with grubeze and it's effectiveness. It totally passed the messy food test. I'm one happy mama! Bye, bye useless bibs and smocks. My only complaint is I didn't get one sooner." 
Emily and Frankie aged 9 months

"I'll definitely be reaching for the grubeze first at meal times now. It's so much better than a bib or a smock at protecting my baby's clothes from stains and spills. I'll absolutely be recommending grubeze to my mama friends." 
Anne and Elise aged 10 months

"No more eating in a nappy - hurrah for grubeze! Food doesn't cling to the fabric. I give it a quick rinse to get the chunks off and it's dry and ready to go again in an hour. I love the adjustable wrists and and ankles too." 
Bee and Mason aged 20 months

"Meals with my bub can only be described as complete carnage. Grubeze is an absolute god-send. It protects her clothes and saves me extra washing too. I LOVE the adjustable cuffs, no chance of sneaky liquid stains." 
Donna and Olivia aged 11 months

"Grubeze means my very independent little miss can happily experiment with food while staying dry and stain-free. As a busy mum of three, grubeze makes life so much easier." 
Sheena and Sarah aged 18 months

"Grubeze totally delivered on its promise. I loved the fit and design and I saw a significant decrease in laundry and clothing changes. 100% better than a bib or smock." 
Penny and Hugo aged 17 months

"There's nothing worse than food spills ruining a cute outfit. Grubeze has become a daily habit for us and we don't go anywhere without it." 
Genine and Frankie aged 17 months

"I was spending lots of money on stain removing products for Mia's clothing. Since using grubeze at meal times I haven't needed to buy more and she wears the same outfit all day. Brilliant!" 
Jess and Mia aged 10 months

"Grubeze is a wonderful product! I absolutey love that I don't need to bath or shower Leilani after each meal. I dread feeding without it on washing days. Two suits on rotation solve that problem easily." 
Melanie and Leilani aged 8 months

"Grubeze is magical! It almost repels food so I don't even have to wash it after each use. No matter how hard he tries to get dirty, grubeze has it all covered. I can't wait to gift grubeze to all my mama-to-be-friends." 
Olivia and Siaosi aged 13 months

"We couldn't live without our grubeze now. We use it for every meal and it has saved so many clothes. I love the soft fabric and adjustable cuffs. It's really simple to clean, just wipe over after each meal and toss in the washing machine every few days - too easy." 
Sailaja and Adhvik aged 16 months

"My child's clothes remained 100% dry and stain-free using grubeze. I loved not having to change his clothes after every meal and grubeze definitely cut down on my washing." 
Sarah and Jon aged 11 months

"So easy to put on and a great way to keep kids' clothes clean, dry and save on laundry. Hubby and I are total grubeze converts." 
Shelby and Evelyn aged 17 months

"What a great idea! Grubeze keeps kids' clothes clean and prevents stains. Definitely reduces laundry expenses and maintains clothing durability." 
Mili and Simon aged 20 months

"A great way to encourage self-feeding babies and toddlers. Grubeze totally reduces the anxiety associated with messy meal times." 
Aki and Akemi aged 14 months